The best way to cook frozen pierogies.

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Frozen pierogies were a staple when I was in university. Between essays and not sleeping, we mostly ate pierogies and slices of thin crust vegan pizza from the pizzeria down the street.

By the time I was in university, I’d mastered my pierogies-cooking technique. Ok, so we weren’t making them from scratch, but there’s a certain finesse to cooking frozen pierogies so that you don’t end up with “soggy pillows” as my roommate once called them.

First, you have to choose the right brand of pierogies. Those frozen bags and boxes are NOT all made equal and I’ve found that some varieties have got the dough-to-filling ratio all wrong. The best ones have a nice thin dough, filled with just the right amount of potato inside, sometimes with cheese, onion, or bacon. While I’m all for grabbing what’s on sale sometimes, I can tell you from experience that most of the store brand pierogies aren’t worth your time.

The best way to cook frozen pierogies.

Recently, I tried Peter & Pat’s Pierogies, which are now officially available at Costco stores across Canada, and I was seriously impressed with how they turned out. I like to think that I’m a damn good frozen pierogi chef (ha!) by now, but honestly, these were delicious. The texture was smooth and fluffy, the taste was rich and creamy, and my daughter wanted seconds.

The best way to cook frozen pierogies.

So, back to my technique for cooking frozen pierogies. The bag of Peter & Pat’s mentions that you can boil or pan-fry these babies, but I do a bit of a combination of both. Here’s my method.

The Best Way To Cook Frozen Pierogies

I run hot water over the frozen pierogies in a Pyrex bowl and I set them on the counter while I get my frying pan ready with some butter or a little olive oil. (Butter is better for this, if I’m being honest.) Add some chopped onions and garlic to the pan if you like too.

The best way to cook frozen pierogies.

Once the pierogies have thawed a bit (they’ll still be a little frozen), I run them under hot water again (to help thaw the middle frozen bit) before draining them, and tossing them into the frying pan, which by now is the perfect temperature.

The best way to cook frozen pierogies.

(You want it hot enough that your butter is nice and sizzly, but not so hot that you pierogies are going to burn.)

The best way to cook frozen pierogies.

Now that your pierogies are in the pan, you’ll want to give them a little shake to keep them from sticking. Butter + movement helps with this and if you keep flipping them, they’ll cook evenly for a perfect, light brown pocket of flavour.

Lastly, and this is optional, if you really want a crisp outer crunch to your pierogies, add about a teaspoon of maple syrup (the real stuff) and continue to toss them in the pan until they are finished. (Just a minute or so.) It doesn’t make them super sweet, but it adds a perfect crispness.

The best way to cook frozen pierogies.

Pop them onto a plate, maybe even add a side of sour cream, and ENJOY.

Our pierogies turned out absolutely PERFECT.

The best way to cook frozen pierogies.

I love brands with a story and Peter & Pat’s Pierogies didn’t disappoint. They’re made with 100% real potato, 100% natural ingredients, and the recipe they use is a 100% family tradition passed down for 60 years. Twenty years ago, they started as a catering business in the Northeast United States, and after becoming a HUGE success across the US, they decided to pop across the border, and now you can find their Potato, Bacon and Cheddar Cheese Pierogies at Costco here in Canada.

You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to make awesome pierogies happen in your kitchen. Just rock out some tasty frozen pierogies, add your flair, and enjoy.

This is not a sponsored post. We were sent a package of Peter & Pat’s Pierogies to try out for ourselves. This post contains affiliate links.

The best way to cook frozen pierogies.


    • Have you tried a perogy yet Christy ?
      They are delicious ! In our family, my mother would make different fillings other than cheese & potato.
      Great memories with my Mom…making them by the roaster’s full for family occasions. 😊

  1. We LOVE pierogies!! I have never thought to add maple syrup! Love this idea and I cant wait to try it. Thanks!

  2. When my wife makes perogies she makes about 200 and freezes them,,,,cheddar cheese are the best but she also makes them stuffed with plumes all too good

  3. We enjoy perogies firstly boiled from frozen for about 3-4 minutes. Drain and set aside. In large frying pan, fry about half a pound of bacon until crispy. Remove from pan and take half of bacon grease from pan. Return pan to heat and add sliced onions. Once tender, add perogies. Toss in pan till coated and then add crumbled bacon. Serve on plates, and top with sourcream. Delicious!! Try them and you will see!!

  4. Wow….I’ve been trying to cook pierogies for 30 years. My ex hubby’s mom was an expert (but she did it from scratch). I’ve always used the direction of the packages (boiled, fried, baked), but they alway came out limp noodle for the boiled, and rubbery for the fried and baked. I used this technique by thawing in hot water before frying………I think I will be gaining a few pierogi pounds

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