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A Day We’ll Never Forget

Yesterday, via Instagram, I took part in the #OneDayHH photo challenge. Created by Hollywood Housewife Laura Tremaine, this photo challenge is all about sharing your daily life, the mundane moments, the littles details that we don't always document throughout our day. I was excited to take part and ... read more

The Cheerios Effect |

We All Love To Connect

Did you know that when there are just two Cheerios in a bowl of milk, they'll find each other? It's all very science-y and technical and having to do with water surface tension -- but it's also about making connections. Reaching out. Making friends. ... read more

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Coconut Pumpkin Curry Soup

Every year, when the warm air of spring and summer sweeps through my town, I do it. I forget about soup. Blinded by the dazzling sun, the radiant, long days, and the glow of warmth on my skin, autumn and winter fade to distant memories, and I feel safe and happy in the knowledge that I will never ... read more