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Simple Autumn Home Decor Idea: Put A Scarf On It!

This Thanksgiving, with a five year old, a four year old, and a one year old on my hands, I’m all about keeping my decor fast, simple, and easy, but I also want to have a classic Thanksgiving feeling without it looking too thrown together. I’ve noticed a trend in adding sweaters to everyday items in the house, like these trees from Target. I used this creative idea and put my own spin on it with old scarves right from my own closet! It proved to be an affordable (free!), easy way to add some warmth, texture, and holiday spirit to my home in a pinch. Read More

What Is Your Ultimate Holiday Movie? | #StreamInto2015

What Is Your Ultimate Holiday Movie?

In the past, I've shared my love for holiday movies A LOT. In this house, the holiday flicks start popping up on our screen pretty early -- as in, it's October 30th and my daughter has already ... read more