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10 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

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When you become a parent, St. Patrick’s Day goes from a green beer holiday to a rainbows & leprechauns holiday! If you’re a parent keeping it low key with your kids this year, these crafts will add some bright cheer to your mellow March 17th!

10 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

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These rainbow wind catchers from A Pretty Cool Life would make for a vibrant & bright display in any window or just outside the font door.

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I love all the possibilities these rainbow friendship bracelets from Alpha Mom offer. It’s also a sneaky way to help your kids learn while having fun! Stringing the beads helps with fine motor skills & ensuring the beads match the yarn is a great way to help with color learning for the younger kids.

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I’m loving this shamrock pinwheel from Honest to Nod. It will provide fun for kids even after the craft is completed.

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This shamrock paper plate hat, also by Alpha Mom, is darling & would be fun for kids to embellish with some fun St. Patrick’s Day themed stickers.

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This mini-project from Chica & Jo was actually intended for place cards, but I think it would make a great kid craft. Plus, it would be fun to see if anyone grows a four leaf clover in their pot!

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This St. Patrick’s Day bunting from Simple as That is beautiful on it’s own, but I say why not let the kids in on the decorating of each bunting. I’d make the basic bunting with shamrocks & then give the kids glitter glue, stickers, & jewels to adorn their bunting piece with & then hang it over my fireplace with pride!

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Sweet & Lovely Crafts’ little shamrock men craft is absolutely adorable! I love the freedom this craft gives kids. Plus, it’s a great use for washi tape, which I am totally addicted to!

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These clover potato stamps by Momtastic would be such a cute way to mail out some St. Patrick’s Day cheer to Grandparents. Just let the kids stamp a few blank cards, write in the family name & drop it in the mail.

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I am completely in love with this clover garden idea from Lisa Storms. This is such a fun way to get your kids to think about things they are grateful for in their life while creating a lovely little display piece for St. Patrick’s Day.

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Over on my blog, Our Holly Days, I share a silly craft to make magic green milk to have some fun with your kids on St. Patrick’s Day morning. Your older kids will love helping with this.

How does your family celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? We would love to hear about your crafts or fun traditions in the comments below!

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  • Melmar

    Love the idea of the banner and the I am Lucky.. garden! You have great ideas listed for all ages which is awesome because I have a 2yr old and 7 yr old!

    • Desiree Fawn

      Enjoy! :) Thanks for taking a peek!