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Someone finally designed a stylish travel pillow.

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Travel pillows are a pain in the butt, or rather, a pain in the neck. Every travel pillow I’ve tried is unwieldy, makes me feel like I’m wearing one of those pet cones-of-shame when I’m trying to make it from flight A to flight B, they aren’t comfortable, and sometimes I just leave it at home because I can’t be bothered.

However, I always regret when I DON’T have a travel pillow with me. I once bought one in an airport out of sheer exhausted desperation. (Sidenote: I also bought chicken nuggets because I forgot they’re totally different in the US and I almost threw up. You’re welcome, SFO. I didn’t hurl on your carpet.)

Basically, I haven’t yet found a travel pillow that isn’t crummy and doesn’t take up a ton of room. I’ve even tried an inflatable one because I figure it would take up less space but I didn’t count on the plastic seam scratching my face all to hell. That’s a GREAT look when you land, by the way.

All of this leads up to why I’m totally onboard with the design of the Voyage Pillow.

This new take on the travel pillow actually looks, dare I say it, STYLISH. Look how cool this thing is. This is the first travel pillow I’ve seen that doesn’t LOOK like a travel pillow, it looks like some kinda trendy somethingorother than people on your flight are definitely going to want to know about.

It looks like workout gear and you kinda wear it like a headband, or a cozy scarf-like neck hug. I honestly want to give this a try because I love how low profile it is and how it’s very design helps it to pack onto the side of your bag or hang out around your neck without a lot of fuss.

I think I would even take this baby camping with me because bringing a real pillow camping isn’t always an option (especially if you’re trying to travel light) but this can just hang on your neck or backback, no problem.

The Voyage Pillow is on Kickstarter right now, but they’ve already crushed their goal. You can back the project for $19 USD, +$13 shipping to Canada. The campaign ends on March 31st, 2017.

PS. I know, the shipping price is crummy, but if you got some pals together and you all wanted to buy one, you can get up to 10 Voyage Pillows in one order and you’ll pay just less shipping than if you order them one at a time, so the more the merrier.

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