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This cute Chrome extension gives you a cat with every new tab.

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How many new tabs do you think you open each day in Chrome? I think my answer must be somewhere around 80 billion? But recently, each new tab has been a little more fun because I came across a super cute Chrome extension called Tabby Cats that rewards each new command+t with a new virtual pet cat.

This cute Chrome extension makes your work day a bit more fun.

How cute is that??

Each cat has a different (often hilarious) name — like Decent Macaroni or Blessed Pooper — and when you hover your mouse over them, they’ll jiggle or move their head in a manner as equally adorable as their unique moniker.

This cute Chrome extension makes your work day a bit more fun.

You can download the Tabby Cat extension for free in the Chome Web Store, and if you want, you can upgrade your experience by purchasing new cats and other critters to add to your collection.

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Bears, turtles, penguins… oh my!

You can also visit the Tabby Cat website if you want to take it to the next level and purchase some adorable stickers! I think I might need this one for my MacBook sticker collection… it’s starting to fill up, but there’s always room for another adorable kitty!

Enjoy your newly cat-ified browser! Just try not to get distracted reloading tabs all day long to meet every kitty on the block. Meow!

Tabby Cat is the passion project of creator Leslie Zacharkow. Follow @lslez on Twitter.

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