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7 rainbow crafts and recipes for St. Patrick’s day… or any day!

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It doesn’t have to be St. Patrick’s Day for you to rock out some rainbow crafts and recipes, but since today just happens to be March 17th, I thought I might share a few ideas to get you in a colourful mood! 🍀

7 Rainbow Crafts And Recipes

Be sure to pin these ideas for later… especially because you’ll be wanting to hang onto that popsicle recipe to show off at a party this summer. I’m sure of it 😉

7 Rainbow Crafts And Recipes

You could make one of these adorable rainbow crowns for everyone in the family. Just be sure to take a group shot and show us if you do! Tip: If you find that the ends of the cut pipecleaner is sticking out where you tape it on the inside of your crown, use a heavier tape like this stuff, or add a strip of fabric to the inside. Those things can be really scratchy and you don’t want that on little faces. (Speaking from experience after we made pipecleaner crowns last summer!)

7 Rainbow Crafts And Recipes

How about a rainbow themed science experiment? We all know what happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar, but this erupting rainbow activity is definitely going to spark their interest. And it’s a fun way to kick off any St. Patrick’s Day baking you might be thinking of doing!

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(You could add on a lesson about the differences between baking soda and baking powder… and the reason you sometimes need BOTH in a recipe. The homeschool mom in me absolutely loves those teaching moments!)

7 Rainbow Crafts And Recipes

I love garlands and I think they are one of the sweetest ways to add a personal touch to your space. This rainbow heart garland is just lovely and I think it would look incredible hanging up in a child’s room, your office, or maybe even by the front door to welcome people with a splash o’ colour. Love it!

How cute is this rainbow paper plate bag DIY? You can make a tiny pouch for kids to carry around some art supplies or you can just hang it on the wall because it’s ADORABLE.

7 Rainbow Crafts And Recipes

Talk about eating a rainbow! I love this rainbow veggie pizza recipe. I love how these flavours work together and I know my daughter would have a blast helping me make it. (Do your kids like to help in the kitchen? I feel like they eat so much MORE and are willing to try a lot more NEW things when they get involved!)

Rainbow Crafts And Recipes

Hello, gorgeous. It’s a little too chilly in my neck of the woods to actually want to eat frozen treats right now, but I can deny that these rainbow popsicles are a work of art. You can also use the same ingredients to make a rainbow smoothie, which  might be a little more up my alley when there’s still snow on the ground.

7 Rainbow Crafts And Recipes

The story behind these beautiful rainbow rocks is actually really neat. They’re not just a pretty way to decorate your garden, they’re all about spreading kindness. You can learn more about them here.

7 Rainbow Crafts And Recipes

So pretty, right?? I think these homemade rainbow freezies would be just as much fun to make as they would be to eat. I only wish you didn’t have to wait for them to freeze… but you can craft it up with some of these other ideas while you wait.

Rainbow Crafts And Recipes

Lastly, I’m pretty sure these rainbow roses are magic. I’ve done this type of experiment with carnations before, but I would never have thought to split the stem three ways to create this incredible effect. I absolutely have to try this.

Thanks for being here and I hope you have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!

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