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A super simple guide to making pour-over coffee.

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We’re a BIT coffee-obsessed in this house which means our kitchen holds a treasure trove of coffee-making gear. Today I’m going to show you how I make pour-over coffee.

I’m sure there are super specific guides to pour-over coffee out there, but this is exactly how I make it, every single time, and you know we like to keep it real around here.

We love our espresso machine, we used our French press constantly until I broke it (this is why we can’t have nice things), the AeroPress is a must, especially when we’re camping, but I still love this simplicity of pour-over coffee.

I am a huge tea-drinker — it’s all about that ritual of brewing and steeping — and I think that’s why pour-over coffee is so appealing to me. It’s the process of making it that adds to the enjoyment.

Recently, Melitta gifted us with two coffee makers from their Signature Series and Heritage Series, so I wanted to show you how I use them. Watch the video and keep scrolling for written instructions.


Just watching this video makes me feel like I can smell that coffee brewing. Yum!

How To Brew Pour-Over Coffee

You’ll Need

  • A pour-over coffee maker
  • Your favourite coffee
  • A spoon
  • No. 4 filters
  • Boiling water


  1. Place your coffee maker on top of your mug
  2. Add your filter, don’t forget to fold the marked edges like we do in the video
  3. Add 3-4 teaspoons of your favourite blend (drip grind — not too coarse or too fine)
  4. Pour your water over and saturate your grounds
  5. Add enough water to fill your mug (use the water to push the grounds back to bottom when the float up the sides of your filters)
  6. Enjoy!

Two features I LOVE about the Signature Series coffee makers from Melitta:

  1. The inside is grooved to leave space between it and the filter which stop the filter from suctioning to the side. For those who pour-over on the daily, you know that this suction can cause messes sometimes
  2. There’s a hole at the bottom so you can tell when your mug is full. If I had a nickel for every mug I’ve overflowed. Oh, so many nickels.

Thank you to Melitta for sending over two of their beautiful pour-over coffee makers for us to try out. Not a sponsored post. Contains affiliate links. Feature image by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash.

A super simple guide to making pour-over coffee.

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