A Plymouth, Massachusetts school’s performance of “This Is Me” has us in tears.

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Over 150 students at a Plymouth, Massachusetts school performed an incredible rendition of “This Is Me” from 2017’s The Greatest ShowmanΒ and we definitely couldn’t get to the end without crying ugly tears.

We’ve got goosebumps, seriously.

You can tell the kids have really poured themselves into the performance and I wish I could give a high five to the admin who helped put this together.

From the video caption:

It was a powerful moment as these students performed flawlessly. They were asked to dress in whatever they were comfortable in because this moment was about THEM and who they are.

Have a listen.

And then, if you’re not totally bawling, you should watch this behind the scenes version of the song where, at 4:07, Hugh Jackman’s reaction has us all weeping once more. (And then maybe go splash your face with cold water. It gets intense. πŸ˜‰ )

Source: Plymouth Public Schools

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