Now you can wear your menstrual cup love on your sleeve. (Or your lapel.)

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Years ago, pre-motherhood, I was skeptical about using a menstrual cup. I had friends who used them and swore by them, but I just wasn’t sure they’d be for me.

What if it leaked? What if it was uncomfortable? What if I just couldn’t figure it out??

I finally convinced myself to give the Diva Cup a try (for the sheer eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness) and I promptly kicked myself for not moving over to the cup side sooner. Honestly, I will never go back to using anything but a cup. (Over on my personal blog, I wrote The No Bullsh*t Guide To Surviving Your Period if you want to know more about why I’m cup-obsessed.)

If you’re as pro-cup as we are, you’re going to love these enamel pins from Put A Cup In It.

I just ordered three of this one… one for me, two for friends. Because of course.

If you’re someone who LOVES your cup, you know you wanna show it.

Shout your cup love from the rooftops, baby. Head over to the PACII shop to order your pins stat!

If you’re curious about this whole cup thing and want to know more, here are a few informative links from Put A Cup In It:

PS. In TMI news, I’ve recently switched over to using the Ruby Cup and it’s my new BFF.


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