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The iGotThis app is designed to help boost your family’s productivity and self-esteem.

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It’s a productivity tool, a family organizer, and a chore chart. It’s also a self-esteem and confidence booster. TheiGotThis app was created by parents who wanted to help their kids do better in a world that isn’t always easy for someone who doesn’t conform — in this case, someone living with ADHD.

iGotThis app

After seeing their own children struggle with focusing on tasks and completing them on time, Rich and Denise Schramm searched for a solution that would take nagging out of the equation and give their kids the confidence to get things done without having to be badgered by mom and dad.

They needed a solution that would help the entire family.

While there are plenty of productivity and to-do type apps on the market, most are geared to adults only and didn’t fit exactly what the Schramm family envisioned as being helpful.

So they made their own.

They knew that if they could create a tool to help their own family, others could benefit, and so, iGotThis was born.

I love how the creators of iGotThis describe ADHD children and families — they are extraordinary. Here’s what they have to say:

  • ADHD makes kids exceptional, not deficient.
  • Each of these exceptional kids has both the right and the capacity to become an independent, productive adult in today’s world.
  • Every parent of these exceptional kids has both the responsibility and the capacity to raise their children to become independent, productive adults in today’s world.
  • Every family deserves the opportunity to embrace life to its fullest.

I couldn’t agree more. The expectations of living in a world that doesn’t quite fit the way your mind works, can be devastating.

Here’s how the iGotThis app works:

  • A parent signs up and creates a family account (this account is free)
  • They then add additional accounts for each member of the family who’ll be using the app (at $3.50 USD monthly)
  • Now parents can add taste to the list, as well as rewards, recurring tasks, etc.

You can also create checklists (ie. getting ready for bed: brush teeth, pack lunch, choose clothing, read a book) and you can add tasks that are assigned to more than one child.

iGotThis app

When it’s time for them to ‘take out the garbage’ or ‘get ready for bed’, they’ll get a reminder on their iOS device. If they don’t complete their task, they’ll continue to see reminders until they get the job done.

I can see this app being incredibly helpful for kids who are feeling anxious about being nagged. I know, we all nag — parents nag, spouses nag, and we don’t always do it on purpose, but it ends up being a part of life. I think this app could help kids to feel like they are a little more in control of the tasks they need to accomplish, without feeling like they are letting someone down because mom or dad had to remind them over and over.

While I don’t think this should replace in-person communication, I think the iGotThis app would be a great addition to your family organization toolkit. I image a family getting together on a regular basis to talk about the chore lists and the schedules that need to be changed. Everyone could have their say as tasks are added, deleted, or altered.

iGotThis app

The rewards system is interesting too:

When parents set up tasks, they also can assign a specific number of tokens to award kids for starting the task, starting it on time, finishing the task, and/or finishing it on time. This allows parents to reward both effort and success as they see fit.

Parents then establish a menu of rewards that kids can redeem their tokens for. This can be small things like choosing what’s for dinner or large items like a new computer, or anything in between. It’s totally up to the parents. Kids can then redeem their tokens in the app with parental confirmation. It doesn’t get any easier.


The creators will also admit that this app doesn’t just have to be for ADHD families. This ability to connect and keep track of everyone’s tasks would be beneficial for any busy family.

iGotThis app

I know there are times when I’ve forgotten to tell my daughter that it’s a swim night and her bag needs to be packed, or that we have somewhere to be in the morning and she needs to pack up a bag the night before. I can see this being incredibly helpful if she got an alert about making sure her running shoes were in her bag.

From their Kickstarter campaign:

Instead of hovering over your kids and quizzing them about what’s been done (which is also damaging to their self-esteem), parents get real-time notifications (if they choose to) about when their kids start or finish a task, or when they are late or miss tasks. Nagging and interrogations are a thing of the past – parents can stay on top of things from the bedroom, board room, or locker room, all through their app.

I can absolutely see how iGotThis can help ADHD families to instil a sense of confidence and self-esteem in children who may already be feeling crushed by a society that labels them as ‘not like everyone else’. I hope this app will help families to cultivate a feeling of accomplishment and independence, instead of feeling as though they are letting someone down… or worse, that they are letting themselves down.

iGotThis app

Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the iGotThis app creators are aiming for an April 2017 beta testing phase, with a final release coming in May. As of today, they are just over 25% funded and the campaign will end April 6, 2017.

I have a feeling this app is going to help a lot of kids and their families to finally feel confident and organized from morning to night. Something we all need!

Visit their page to watch the video and to learn more about the iGotThis. You can also find them on Facebook.

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