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Fawned Friday No. 9

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This is the time of year when I usually start my official holiday shopping, so I’ve just been taking a lot of photos in stores to remind myself of things I want to get for people. Like this cookbook… which I actually just want for myself but in your 30s you’re allowed to wrap up gifts for yourself too, right?

I’m also planning to hit up the Modern Makers Market this Sunday to pick up a few handmade goodies.

01. I love discovering artists on Instagram. Like this one!

02. This man is sharing one Inuk word each day on Twitter and it’s beautiful.

03. This quote says it all.

04. I want us to read every book on these lists.

05. This wall is making me swoon.

06. I’d love to eat this on Christmas morning.

07. Hello, comfort food.

Fawned Friday is a collection of our favourites finds from the week. If you have an idea for something we might love, send us a note on Twitter or email sofawned@gmail.com.

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This is Halloween, this is Halloween… 🎃🍂

A post shared by Désirée Fawn (@sofawnedmag) on

Our first Halloween at the new house was great. Lots of kids came by, we had a blast decorating, and getting to meet all of our neighbours was definitely a perk. Hope you had a fun night too!

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