Fawned Friday No. 7

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Happy Friday, mes amis! Last weekend, we all went down to Haute Goat for their harvest festival and I basically just tried to hug every animal we came across.


Icelandic horses? I bring you grass, we are BFFs now.

Chickens? Ok, they were behind a fence, but I’d have snuggled those chooks given the chance.

There are a few more snapshots up on Instagram if you want to indulge in some farm life love. We always have such a good time there. It’s like a family farm that makes you feel right at home.

But I digress… Enjoy this week’s fawning!

01. If you want to snuggle some goats, you can do this. | Haute Goat

02. Some seriously badass women. | Smithsonian

03. My kind of movie night. | Kelle Hampton

04. This is mesmerizing to watch. Whoa. | WIRED

05. Love this project. | A Cup of Jo

06. My dream couch right here, yo. | A Subtle Revelry

07. All the mamas need this tee. | The Bee And The Fox

Have a wonderful weekend!

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