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Fawned Friday No. 6

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Fawned Friday No. 6

Fall is totally showing off this week. Everything is beautiful, seriously.

We just had a two-day heat wave and now the true autumn weather seems to be settling in. Which I’m 100% ok with because it means turning on the fireplace to cozy up at night, dog sweaters (Winston is obsessed, honestly), Pumpkin Chai tea, and all the other good stuff that comes with October.

Today could have been miserable, but I think I stacked up some good karma earlier this month.

When I came out to my car from getting new pet food today, a woman was waiting for me — she had hit my car and left a dent. We exchanged information and I thanked her for letting me know. You hear so many stories of people finding dents in their car way after the fact, having to pay out of pocket.

I’m grateful that this woman waited for me. Not everyone would, which is a bummer because this sort of thing happens. But either way, thanks universe for looking out for us.

Let’s move onto some late night Friday fawning, shall we?

01. I want to eat this. | Smitten Kitchen

02. This is such an important message for new moms. | Baby Rabies

03. Fridge goals. It’s just so purdy. | @hellohighlife

04. These Halloween veggies are the CUTEST. | Live Eat Learn

05. Halloween cakes too! | A Subtle Revelry

06. These peanut butter cookies have a cute fall twist. | Mom Spark

07. Making a comeback? Oh yes. | The Art of Simple

08. There’s nothing more satisfying than a tidy fridge. | Reading My Tea Leaves

And one last random additional thought: I wish they’d make a sequel to this movie. Gretchen and I just watched it again and it’s beautiful. I feel like it fell short at the box office, but it’s always a favourite for us. Bye for now!

Fawned Friday is a collection of our favourites finds from the week. If you have an idea for something we might love, send us a note on Twitter or email sofawned@gmail.com.

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