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Fawned Friday No. 2

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Fawned Friday No. 2

Heya! How was your week? We got some super exciting news for our family today (I’ll share on social when the ‘i’s are dotted and the ‘t’s are crossed) and I’m looking forward to going into the weekend ready to take action and make things happen. (Could I be more cryptic? I know. It’ll all make sense soon.)

This week was the first week back to school for a lot of Canadian families — I hope things went smoothly at your house, and if they didn’t, I hope you don’t stress about it too much. That transition after summer is so tricky to navigate. Just breathe deep and go for a do-over on Monday. #youvegotthis

Ok, onto this week’s Fawned Friday finds. Enjoy!

01. This bird of paradise temporary tattoo is the best. | Tattly

02. A catnip toy for pizza lovers. | FANTI arts & crafts

03. My dentist would cringe if I ate these, but they look amazing. | Handmade Charlotte

04. I think I need a latte like this in my life. | Hello Glow

05. I blame the baby shark song for this adorable sweater. | Gap

06. This mom is sharing her CRA scam story so it doesn’t happen to you. | Michelle Ferreri

07. A few handy life tips to keep in mind. | A Cup Of Jo

08. A cute way to make your stairs awesome. | A Subtle Revelry

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Fawned Friday is a collection of our favourites finds from the week. If you have an idea for something we might love, send us a note on Twitter or email sofawned@gmail.com.

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