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6 cute coops for your backyard chickens.

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The backyard chicken trend is growing and growing across the country, with more cities jumping on board to test it out each year.

In March of 2018, Toronto, Ontario announced that parts of the city would be allowed to keep chickens as a part of their backyard chicken pilot project.

There are lots of reasons why you might want to consider adding a flock of laying hens to your yard — for the eggs, of course, but also because chickens make really fun pets, they are a fantastic educational experience for the whole family, they’ll teach your kids responsibility, PLUS they’re super cute and really funny to watch!

However, before you get started (by “accidentally” bringing home an armload of adorable chicks from the country co-op) you’ll want to figure out what type of coop your new chickens will call home.

Here are a few examples of coops that are readymade that you can order online. Keep scrolling for more backyard chicken resources too!

So stylish, right? Those floofy chickens (silkies!) look right at home. I can just picture them, strutting through the aisles at Home Depot, to choose that swanky colour for their siding. So pretty! | Dorothy Nantucket Chicken Coop, $759.99 CAD

Many cities with pro-chicken bylaws have a limit of 4 backyard chickens, but if you need room for a bigger flock, this one is perfect for up to 6 layers. | Coops and Feathers™ Superior Hen House, $679.99 CAD

How cute is that red door? | Duchess Door Hen House, $649.99 CAD

Similar to the previous design, this one also has a handy drawer for cleaning out the coop, and it’ll look great in your yard. | Freddy Chicken Coop, $490.99 CAD (Sale price)

Another neat design for your small backyard flock! | Open Air Hutch Chicken Coop, $979.99 CAD

And lastly, for those who want to go full-on farm style, you can’t deny a classic design like this one! | Barn Chicken Coop, $819.99 CAD (Sale price)

More resources to help you get started with your own backyard chickens:

Note: You can check your city’s website to learn more about the chicken bylaws in your area.

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