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Gift ideas for your friends who love charcuterie and craft beer.

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One of my favourite lazy dinners is a charcuterie board. I’m not a pro, but I know what I like and what my family likes. Cheese, meats, picked veggies, apricots, grapes, honey, jame… oh my. There are so many tasty bits and bites on a charcuterie board and every mouthful can be something totally different.

This gift guide is dedicated to your pals who love a good nosh and a pint of beer from somewhere local and delicious. Bring it on!

A beautiful ceramic cheeseboard, $40
This “Yummy” marble cheeseboard, $28 (on sale)
A craft beer of the month subscription, from $45/month
A cheeky Wish You Were Beer tee, $30
A cheese knife that’ll make them smile, $17.50
Some fancy smokey jalapeno cheese (that’s actually vegan)
Some tasty meat, $25
Or maybe a meat subscription box, $40
A book to help them put it all together, $35

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