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Stylish Travel Pillow

Someone finally designed a stylish travel pillow.

Travel pillows are a pain in the butt, or rather, a pain in the neck. Every travel pillow I’ve tried is unwieldy, makes me feel like I’m wearing one of those pet cones-of-shame when I’m trying to make it from flight A to flight B, they aren’t comfortable, and sometimes I just leave it at home because I can’t be bothered.… Keep Reading

Rainbow Gifts For Anyone Obsessed With Colour
Gift Ideas

5 rainbow gifts for anyone obsessed with colour.

Rainbows are universally awesome and so are these cool rainbow gifts. You don’t even need an excuse beyond “I knew you’d LOVE it!” to snag one of these for your bestie. These rainbow pencils wouldn’t last for more than a day in my house because my 8-year-old would sharpen them SO MUCH just to reveal… Keep Reading

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