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Fawned Friday No. 4
Fawned Friday

Fawned Friday No. 4

Is it really Friday already? I remember feeling like this years ago, when So Fawned was growing and Fawned Friday was our most popular feature — I always felt like “omg it’s Friday how the heck” and now it’s starting… Keep Reading

Fawned Friday Recipe Memory Mug
Fawned Friday

Fawned Friday No. 3

Happy Friday, friends! We’re hoping to hit up one of our local fall fairs for corndogs, midway rides, and a demolition derby on Saturday, but (did you seen this on Twitter?) we’re also packing up our house to move in… Keep Reading

Fawned Friday

Fawned Friday No. 2

Heya! How was your week? We got some super exciting news for our family today (I’ll share on social when the ‘i’s are dotted and the ‘t’s are crossed) and I’m looking forward to going into the weekend ready to… Keep Reading

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