american girl blogher (1)

There’s Nothing Like A Photobooth To Bring Out The Best In Bloggers

What do you get when a huge group of bloggers attend an event at the American Girl store in Chicago? Well, toss in a Smilebooth and you’ll get something that looks a little like this:

american girl blogher (1)

Or this…

american girl blogher (2)

Photo-bombing is completely appropriate. Because bloggers are a bit fabulous.

american girl blogher (3)

But try to smile nicely…

american girl blogher (4)

And make sure you know what the remote does… or your photos will end up like this:

american girl blogher (5)Thank you again to the totally fabulous Jenny Ingram and Danielle Smith for making last weekend’s #BittyBaby event one to remember! (And yes, that last photo is now and forever my desktop background. I don’t mess around.)

Peace out!

PS. If you were at the shindig and want to see more photos, check ‘em out in all their Smilebooth glory right here

  • Jenny Ingram

    Can I just sit here and look at our pictures all day? And that last one of you and Amy – classic. I may even make that my own desktop ;)

    • Desiree Fawn

      Haha, do it up. If that pic goes viral, I will have served a great purpose in my life.