odometer milestone

One Of Those Days

Wednesday was just one of those days.

The day before, I headed to the hospital to support one of my doula clients who was in labour. By Wednesday afternoon, I had been at the hospital nearly 20 hours — the point where, if timing allows, I will take a break to catch an hour or two of sleep, a shower, a bite to eat. As I was able to take a moment from the hospital, I drove to my partner’s work to grab lunch with him.

That’s when he noticed the bulge in my car’s front right side tire. A bulge creating a super thin bit of tire, which I’m still surprised didn’t burst before I got to his office.

Since having my tire explode on the highway home isn’t exactly something I care for, we made a trip to Canadian Tire, where thankfully they were able to change my front tires for two lovely new ones.

Fine and dandy. Not what I wanted to spend my hospital break doing, but that’s life.

My partner and I did manage a bite to eat and a coffee, before I headed home to shower, picked up Gretchen from daycare and brought her to her father’s, then made my way back to the hospital to rejoin my clients.

After finishing up at the hospital, I was riding on just a few hours sleep from the evening before, frustrated with the fact that births don’t always play out the way we’d like, and craving some time to decompress.

I got to my car, took a deep breath, and blew it all out, nice and slow, just as I have my clients due during contractions. Deep. Cleansing. Breaths.

Then I turned my key in the ignition.

And the gas light came on.


Off to the gas station I went. Then to pick up groceries before finally making my way home.

Over the last week I’ve been keeping a close eye on my Neon’s odometer because I was coming up on a milestone: 123,456kms. I really wanted to get a picture when it happened.

I parked in the lot at the Superstore, and suddenly remember to look down at my dash.

Yup. Just one of those days.