december at the shop

Good Morning, December

Alright guys, I’ll just have to come out and say I did my best, but this years #30DaysHathNovember turned into a #22DaysHathNovember. Forgive me? Thank you SO much to everyone who participated and kicked my butt at my own game — I loved seeing your tweets and posts and encouragement!

I think I did okay, considering it’s my first holiday season owning the shop, so things are nutso busy & I’m loving it!Things are really picking up downtown and I’m really excited for my first December as a business owner. Lots of hard work and long days ahead! I can’t wait to help downtown shoppers with their gift giving adventures.
In other news, I dyed my hair dark for the winter. Mmm, cozy.
Also, I’m addicted to brown sugar & cinnamon coffee. With a splash of cream. Mmm, tastes like love. So perfect for the season.

Until next year, #30DaysHathNovember. We’ll see you in 2013.