gretchen fawn november 11 2009
  • nicole i

    even mamas with giant 10 year olds feel this!

    • Desiree Fawn

      Awe, I can only imagine! <3

  • needlenest

    Awww… yes! What else is crazy… I would bet my firstborn that this shot was taken in our living room… same couches (now gone)… same floor! Was it ?? ;o)

    • Desiree Fawn

      Ha! I think you might be right!

  • Sarah Mc.

    Totally right there with you, mama bear!

    • Desiree Fawn


  • elly_rarg

    Oh! So little! I think I started reading so fawned back even before you had Gretchen… wow! Can’t believe it’s been so long! High five, hey :)

    • Desiree Fawn

      Awe! Way back when. Crazy to think how much time has gone by, eh?

  • Sara Jane Manning

    Aw, she was adorable! And still is… :)