Lilacs, Tea & Other Miracles


Well now, that’s pretty darn true if you ask me. I spied this one my new fav tumblr. So much sweetness. And it’s certainly been a week of SERIOUS tea-ing. Two births, one just yesterday… and many cups of tea sipped by this doula. Things are going swimmingly at the shop, and I start a new prenatal course session tonight. Busy like whoa, but I like it this way. Every now and then I need to fall down and be still a few hours, but I really can’t complain. Life has been wonderful to me and I’m smiling so much lately.. my cheeks hurt!

Yesterday, just before bedtime, Gretchen and I took a lilac picking stroll through our park and marveled at how beautiful life is. As we strolled down the path, she said to me: “Mama, it’s just so beautiful. Can you hardly believe it?”

Oh yes babe. I believe it.

Désirée Fawn is a Canadian mom, blogger, and doula. She's a tea enthusiast, social media addict, and lover of travel. She lives in Ontario with her daughter and partner. Désirée also writes for Mom Spark and is the founder of She Blogs For You.