Lilacs, Tea & Other Miracles


Well now, that’s pretty darn true if you ask me. I spied this one my new fav tumblr. So much sweetness. And it’s certainly been a week of SERIOUS tea-ing. Two births, one just yesterday… and many cups of tea sipped by this doula. Things are going swimmingly at the shop, and I start a new prenatal course session tonight. Busy like whoa, but I like it this way. Every now and then I need to fall down and be still a few hours, but I really can’t complain. Life has been wonderful to me and I’m smiling so much lately.. my cheeks hurt!

Yesterday, just before bedtime, Gretchen and I took a lilac picking stroll through our park and marveled at how beautiful life is. As we strolled down the path, she said to me: “Mama, it’s just so beautiful. Can you hardly believe it?”

Oh yes babe. I believe it.