Generations & Family Traditions

There’s a very sweet little pink dress that has been in my family for years. Soon it’ll be time for Gretchen to try it on.

See the blonde gal in the larger frame? That’d be yours truly at about age two. In the smaller photo? My grandmother. For some reason, the dress went missing during my own mother’s childhood, and so she was never photographed in it — but my little Fawn will carry on the tradition.

The material has the finest, most precious feeling, gauze-like quality to it. The embroidered details are absolutely beautiful and it’s in glorious condition. It’s originally from Germany, as is my family.

Much like our last name, this dress has been passed down in a matriarchal fashion an so it will continue. I cannot wait to see my little girl in this outfit, just like her mama and great-grandmother before her.

Family traditions make me smile a great deal. In our tiny clan it’s wonderful to be able to count on something so simple and lovely. I’m grateful to my grandmother who kept such great care of this outfit and was able to pull it out at a moment’s notice when I inquired.

And I promise to share photos after Gretchen’s photo shoot, of course. I sense a future edition of Small Style in the making. 

Please tell me, mes amis, are you carrying on any family traditions? What makes them important to you? I’d love to hear. 

PS. Happy Family Day to those celebrating!

  • debbie

    this is so sweet! You looked so much like Gretchen when you were little.

    • Desiree Fawn

      Merci — I LOVE hearing that!

  • Natasha

    What a wonderful tradition! 

    • Desiree Fawn

       Thank you!

  • Jacquie

    Omg I just love this. Your grandmother looks like such a troublemaker in that photo! So cheeky! Just amazing.
    Little G is so lucky!!
    Thinking of you guys!!


    • Desiree Fawn

       She DOES look a tad cheeky, eh?

  • needlenest

    kissably sweet! love it. xo

    • Desiree Fawn


  • Kaelee Everett

    we have traditions, sewing, knitting-nothing tangible, and this is so sweet! perhaps I will start one. I do  have a cast of my hand from my fifth birthday. I could do the same for my girl, and keep them safe until she has a five year old someday.

    • Desiree Fawn

       Awe, that’s a lovely tradition :)

  • carly

    oh my gosh, you look the EXACT same. so cute!

    that is such a lovely little dress. my mum and i were going through my closet at home (my parents house) a few weekends ago and came across some of my teeny tiny dresses that will be saved for my little ones :)

    • Desiree Fawn

       Awe, that’s so sweet!

  • Kim

    What a wonderful tradition!!!  And OMG, you haven’t changed :)

    • Desiree Fawn

       Haha, thanks Kim! :)

  • Stephanie

    Oh I love Gretchen’s dress and I love traditions!

    I’m new to your blog and I love what you have around here!

    • Desiree Fawn

       Hello, Stephanie! Thank you so much for you comment — welcome!

  • Morgan Fairchild

    I adore that dress and those photos. Precious!