Day 30: Three Wonderful Things That Happened This Month.

Holy cats. We really powered through November didn’t we?? Time to say goodbye to the #30DaysHathNovmber project — and a HUGE thank you and Swoony McSwoon to EVERYONE who participated! I’m going to toss a Linky up at the bottom of this post so you can all share your last post with us! Lots of hugs & kisses!

So, without further adieu…

Three Wonderful Things That Happened This Month

the line up

01. I attended a lovely tea party blogger meetup at a local gallery. (More to come!)

02. I got a cute new haircut. (Maybe that’s vain, but I adore Bloodline‘s Rebecca! Nothing like a new ‘do to put a little perk in your step!)

03. I attended two births & had a blast with my latest group of birth class couples. Seriously, I want to hug them all!

And so we say goodbye to our fair November! My December wishes? A white Christmas! Let’s see some snow!