Pretty Girls & Their Bikes

Delightful, yes? Springtime is all about renewing my bike love each year! And that Elizabeth Taylor, what a phenomenal woman. I watched National Velvet again a few nights ago… it always makes me so happy in my heart.

Hope you’re having a charming Saturday evening, mes amis.

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  • Chelsea Robbins

     Love! <3

    • Desiree Fawn

       Makes me want to bike RIGHT now… too bad it’s raining, and almost midnight…

  • Amai Sekai

    you’re my favourite pretty girl on bike in peterborough, des!

    • Desiree Fawn

       G’awww! Thanks you!

  • Lazeanddaze

    I’m currently working on a post about beach bike cruisers. :) 

    • Desiree Fawn

       Ooh, I can’t wait to see!

  • Sécia Mischke

     Girls and bikes are a perfect combination.

    ♥ sécia

    • Desiree Fawn

       So true!