Playsilk Love

I’ve recently begun my own personal studies in the Waldorf way of life. It’s something that I’ve always been interested and it truly speak to me, and to the simplistic way of life that we are moving toward. I’m still a beginner at this point, but hope to learn as much as I possibly can.
To start, I ordered some lovely playsilks to dye for baby G. They arrived in the mail the other day and I’ve since dyed two of them, using the natural dyeing tutorial from Bluebirdbaby.
Pot one: cranberry tea, pot two: blueberries!

Soaking up all of the lovely colour.

Drying on the line.

Waiting in the wind.
The colours are a little off since I took these pictures at dusk, but if you visit my previous post you can see how the purple (blueberry) silk turned out.
I can’t wait to try out some different colours — must remember to find some tumeric!
PS. If you have any favourite Waldorf inspired blogs or websites that you enjoy yourself, I’d love for you to share. Merci.